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Meet Caroline Rylie Duos, the founder of the non-profit organization CRD No Limits Foundation.  Rylie was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when she was 6 months old.  The challenges set on her medically may seem big, but her heart and determination are even bigger!  She started this foundation at the young age of 7.  Rylie's biggest dream and main purpose when starting CRD No Limits Foundation was to help make aspirations limitless for children with special needs.  She does this by raising money and providing assistance to families of children with special needs to purchase medical equipment and cover medical expenses.

Rylie doesn't just set goals for herself. She sets goals for her foundation and how many children she can reach out to and help!  She uses her platform not only to help other special needs children with expenses and equipment, but also to show them what they can accomplish by staying positive, trying new things, and trusting God.  With God there are NO LIMITS!

Through CRD No Limits Foundation and her strong Faith in God, Rylie would like to help make challenges limitless for other children like her!

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